Out of date food for sale can still be safe


out of date food for sale

Most people throw away out of date food once it is past the use by date.  This is the logical thing to do, because obviously the food is not suitable to eat after the expiry date, right?  Wrong!

Here’s some interesting facts about out of date food for sale

1. Food labelling wasn’t introduced into the UK until 1980. Before that, people used to rely on the smell and other senses to work out if it was out of date food

2. British households throw away 8.3 million tons of out of date food each year.  It’s estimated that 5 million tons was still perfectly edible and the consumers were being overly cautious

3. There is a difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates.  Best before means that the food isn’t actually harmful but it might not taste as well or it might look at little funny, but in most cases it is still ok to eat.  ‘Use by’ is a completely different concept.  You need to be especially careful of food that has gone past the ‘use by’ date, because it might put your safety and health in danger! The UK food standards agency recommends to not eat any out of date food or drink after it’s use by date.

4. A UK newspaper journalist ran an experiment and was able to eat a lot of food that was up to two weeks past its best before date, and didn’t feel sick or have any adverse health issues after going through this process.  However, they recommended that pregnant women or young children do not try to eat any out of date food.

We buy your out of date food for sale

If you have out of date food for sale, in most cases we will buy it from you. Many of our customers are extremely interested in purchasing short dated food because the price is lower and it is still safe to eat most of the time.  So let us know about your food parcel and we are happy to look at making a purchase from you for the whole lot!

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