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Let’s face it, the cost of food is becoming ridiculous.  Savvy shoppers are now looking for ways to purchase food at lower prices, because the major supermarkets in Australia are far too expensive.  Out of date food is a new way for shoppers to save money on their food and beverage purchases.  Instead of paying full retail price, out of date food can be purchased at a substantial discount to the recommended retail price.

Out of date food is often still fine to eat!

A common mistake people make is to think that out of date food is not safe to eat.  This is a frequently found misconception in the marketplace.  There are now many websites that exclusively sell short dated food and out of date food, because consumers are looking for ways to save money on their grocery bills.  These online websites are actually becoming big businesses.  They include online food retailers, daily deals sites and online auction houses.  Many of our best wholesale stock customers actually buy their out of date food products from stock buyers like Coorey & Co.

There’s a difference between out of date food types.  There is food that is best before, which means that the food is still good after the best before date, but it might now be a different colour or have a funny odour, but the food is still perfectly fine to eat.  Then there is use by, which includes milk and meat and other products that need to be thrown out after the use by date, because they are not safe to eat.

We have been buying and selling bulk out of date food and drink for over 20 years

We are a large buyer of out of date food and drink.  We buy and sell in large quantities for low prices.  If you have any short dated food, or out of date food, get in contact with us.  If you would like to buy the food from us in bulk, also get in contact with us.

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