Koala Shower Shine – Shower cleaning product


Koala Shower Shine - Shower cleaning product

Koala is a registered brand of Coorey & Co.

Koala Shower Shine is a shower cleaning product that makes it easy for you to keep your shower clean.

Koala Shower Shine – Shower Cleaning product

Prevents build up of mould, soap scum and calcium deposits. No harsh fumes, No chlorine or bleach. No Acids. Shower Shines special formulation needs only to be sprayed onto wet screens and tiles to be effective. No need to wipe. Your walls will be rinsed with your next shower. Shower Shine is especially effective on the removal of the hard to clean ‘haze’ build up on shower screens. The best shower cleaning product you will ever see!

Shower Shine is also excellent for:

Shower Shine works safely on shower surfaces including:


Just spray on, Shower Shine will do the rest!

You can purchase Shower Shine from the Reject Shop all over Australia. If you would like to distribute the Koala Shower Shine shower cleaning product on an ongoing basis, contact us for more information.

Author: John Coorey
Managing Director

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