Surplus stock: 22,000 famous painting prints by Sarina



Surplus stock Australian Painting by Sarina


Overstocked - Sarina painting - 295Manar

Company liquidation stock - Sarina Paintings - 294Corni

Excess Stock Paintings - Sarina  -293

Business Liquidation stock - Sarina Paintings - 292Verna

Overstocks Paintings - Sarina - 291Porto

Liquidation stock - Sarina Paintings - 283Eze4

Wholesale stock - Sarina Paintings - 264Fishn

Wholesale stock paintings - 263Essou

Obsolete inventory paintings - 251Under

Discontinued lines and paintings - 262Balmo

Job Lots - Paintings - 215Doyle

Surplus stock paintings - 296Costi

Company liquidation stock - 204Billy

Excess inventory paintings - 171Vatul

Surplus stock of famous Australian paintings

1.       Surplus stock prints from original paintings by Internationally known artist Sarina
2.       Approx 1,600 to 1,800 prints x 14 designs – approx 22,000 prints – all surplus stock is held here in Sydney

3.       Posters range in size with 46cm x 61cm  to 61cm x 91cm as the largest.

4.       Printed in the USA – high quality board

5.       Prints ( unframed ) were selling in the US between $US50 and $US70 per print
Make sure you get in touch if you would like to purchase these prints!  Your price is a significant discount from the original RRP. Naturally we can’t publish the price on this website but get in contact so we can give you all the information.
Contact me directly on 0411 430 047 for more information on this surplus stock of Australian paintings.

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