Overstocked products: How to Source Overstocks for Wholesale


In the retail sector it’s not uncommon for a company to become overstocked, meaning that they will have excess items of stock that they will be attempting to get rid of at a reduced price. There are several reasons that companies end up with overstocks. There may be a change in the market, they may have been overly optimistic about sales for a particular product, or they may be experiencing a decline in visitors to their business.

Leaving these overstocked items sitting around cuts into company profits and takes up valuable storage space, so these goods will usually be sold on to a third party as quickly as possible. If you run your own company, buying overstocks can be a great way to get inventory.

Google can show you overstocked websites that sell overstocks

A quick Google search will yield several websites that are specifically dedicated to selling overstocked products at good value prices, although many of these websites include discounted items of all kinds and are not usually exclusive to excess inventory. These websites also take a profit from sales made through their website meaning that prices are slightly higher than you might find elsewhere. eBay can also be a great place to start your search and many sellers will bundle goods together in large quantities, although competition from other buyers tends to be fierce.

For a more cost-effective solution it’s a great idea to keep an eye out for local shops and retailers who are going out of business. Politely enquiring about their excess stock can be very fruitful and this will also save you money on shipping. Similarly, if you hear of any competitors who are holding large product promotions this may well indicate that they are trying to get rid of overstocked items. Approaching them to ask about purchasing a large batch of products at a discounted price may be well received.

Contact us to buy our overstocks

If you’ve tried all of these options and you’re still looking for competitively priced overstocks you could try getting in contact with a dedicated overstocks seller such as Coorey & Co. We are professional buyers who regularly deal with overstocked items and we are able to source most goods at very reasonable prices.

Author: John Coorey
Managing Director

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