Got excess stock? We’ll buy it! Anything is Possible!

Every now and again, Consumer Based Companies run into excess stock problems – often due to reasons outside their control – cancelled orders, wrong packaging, moves in market trends.

If you are struggling to sell excess stock or discontinued lines, then I can assist you. I have been buying and selling excess stocks from my Sydney office for over 20 years. I was previously Managing Director, Asia Pacific for a well known manufacturer of batteries. In this role I built a wide network of contacts in almost every industry.

Using these contacts, I have bought and sold food, general merchandise, licensed products, personal care products, clothing, soft drinks, paint, adhesive tapes, electrical products, toys, shoes, sandals, nappies, confectionary, sunglasses, underwear, insecticides, hair care products, knee guards, CD / Videos, paintings, stockings, batteries, cleaning products, gym products, cosmetics, disposable razors/blades, street directories, dried fruit, coffee and gravy.

In addition, I have sold 37 semi-trailers of short-dated orange juice and 27 semi-trailers of a discontinued paint product. Once I brought 19 containers of washing powder from New Zealand and sold it to Singapore without meeting the buyer or seller. Another time, I brought a discontinued line of glass bottles from a manufacturer, had them filled up with soft drink from a beverage company with excess capacity and sold the finished product to a discount retailer.

With excess stock, anything is possible.

Many organisations like yours are concerned that people in my industry may tarnish your product’s reputation by selling for the wrong prices to the wrong people. For your peace of mind, I provide the following guarantees:

Some of my contacts work for Major Retailers, Discount Chains, Overseas Buyers, Charities, Wholesalers and Distributors. Each of these buyers has different objectives and motivations, and it is important to structure your offer to them in a way that motivates them.

If you have excess stock – if you have discontinued lines – if you have short dated stock….. Call me on +61-2-9893 1899 or 0411 430 047 for a confidential discussion.

Author: John Coorey
Managing Director

Level 14, 32 Smith Street, Parramatta . NSW . 2150 . Australia
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