Going through Company Liquidation? We’ll buy your liquidation stock!


Company liquidation stock is stock left over from a company liquidation. If you are about to go into company liquidation, we can buy your company liquidation stock from you straight away. This will free up your cash flow and help pay your creditors.

Company liquidation stock for sale should be sold before the company is liquidated

The problem with company liquidation stock is that once the company becomes liquidated, you will only receive cents in the dollar for all of the excess stock that you have. You are far better putting your company liquidation stock for sale BEFORE the company is liquidated, so you get the highest possible price. I see companies make this mistake all the time. They leave the company liquidation stocks in the warehouse until it is too late.

Company liquidation stocks can still achieve a good price

We have been buying and selling different types of company liquidation stocks for over 20 years. We know exactly what you need to do to sell your company liquidation stock quickly and for the best possible price. After you get in touch with us, we will do three things. The first thing we will do is to check with the market and see what the market’s appetite is for your company liquidation stock. The second thing we will do is to then provide you with a report on the market and what we think the products will sell for. The third thing we will do is to then make you an offer to purchase the stock from you. You can let us know what your payment terms are, and we will adhere to your payment terms so that you can pay your creditors.

Contact us to sell your Company Liquidation stock

If you would like to sell your company liquidation stock to us, contact us and let us know your excess stock details.

Author: John Coorey
Managing Director

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