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If your business is considering going into company liquidation, then you firstly need to think about how you will go about selling your liquidation stock. One of the most fundamental mistakes businesses make is that they start a business liquidation without first selling their liquidated stock.

Company liquidation should be preceded by selling liquidation stock

What tends to happen once you have commenced your business liquidation, is that you will only get a ridiculously small amount of money for your liquidated stock.  It’s normally cents in the dollar, because any serious stock buyer will be highly concerned about their warranty period, the quality of the liquidated stock, the after sales support and all of the other factors that come into mind.  They would even be concerned about receiving the excess inventory once it’s been purchased, because there are a lot of cases where a company liquidation has occurred and the stock buyers don’t receive their product.

The simple answer is to sell your surplus stock before starting company liquidation

When you sell your surplus stock before a company liquidation, what happens is that you tend to get a higher price, a faster sale and a much more pleasant experience.  When you wait until after the business liquidation has occurred, you get a lower price, a slower sale and a much harder experience. Buyers are very cautious about engaging with a company liquidation, and for obvious reasons, they would much rather purchase from a solvent business.

Coorey and Co. buys and sells company liquidation stock

From our Sydney office, we have had extensive experience buying and selling company liquidation stock well before the business liquidation takes place.  So don’t waste your time trying to sell it yourself or waiting until after the liquidation.  Sell your liquidated stock to us now and get the best possible price and the fastest possible sale.

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