Overstocks: 845 t-shirts, 1389 tops and hoodies, 227 jean shorts and 336 jeans


A highly fashionable clothing manufacturer has 2,797 pieces of clothing overstocks for sale.  We can’t publish the pricing on this site to preserve our client’s confidentiality! But once you get in touch, we can give you a full run-down of the different overstocks available and your special discounted pricing.

What overstocks are available?

There are t-shirts, tops and bodies, jean shorts and jeans.

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Contact us if you would like more information.

Author: John Coorey
Managing Director

Level 6 , 91 Phillip Street , Parramatta . NSW . 2150 . Australia
t +61-2-9893 1899 m 0411 430 047 f +61-2-8003 9103
e john@coorey.com

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